The questions that motivate me have answers that apply to problems in conservation and resource management. Whether contributing expertise to policy efforts or speaking with local schools, I am eager for my research to make a difference in my community, locally, regionally and globally. For examples of efforts that I have supported, visit the links below. If my input could advance your project on climate change adaptation or science eduction, please contact me.

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Ecosystem Hardwood Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessmentniacs

During the record-breaking heatwave of 2012, I contributed to an expert elicitation panel organized by the US Forest Service Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science. The panel consisted of resource managers, policy makers and scientists like myself. We spend several days considering how climate change might impact the diverse hardwood forest ecosystems of the Midwestern United States. Our deliberations resulted in a publication that serves the broad community of stakeholders in this extensive and economically important forest ecosystem. It was an important outcome of my research on climate change impacts in Missouri hardwood forests.



Illinois Flora Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

My research on Shootingstars addressed basic questions about climate change response, with a goal of providing practical answers. In 2015, I had the opportunity to contribute my expertise to a vulnerability assessment for the most widespread species of Shootingstar. The primary results, illustrated below, show how this species is not especially vulnerable. The process demonstrated how basic research and applied research are necessary to address impacts of climate change.


Sea Level Rise: What's our next move?

Shortly after relocating to Florida, a state especially vulnerable to sea level rise, I lead a group of New College students to a community forum on sea level rise adaptation. Organized by the Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions at St. Petersburg College, the workshop brought many people together to learn about impacts and delibrate over possible responses. As a member of a plenary panel, among policy makers, community members and elected officials, I helped discuss important areas of consensus. A summary is available here.


Since 2012, I have served as an ad-hoc reviewer for the Botanical Society of America's educational materials portal, PlantEd. I encourage you to contribute your activities to the effort.





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